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External command with MRTG

March 26, 2010 Comments off

This is the format for mrtg config file with external script.
The script should return 4 lines:
– first value
– second value
– uptime
– target’s name

Target[NAME]: `/location/of/script`
YLegend[NAME]: Read more…

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mrtg config options

March 12, 2010 Comments off

Here is the doc for all mrtg config options

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Password authenticate for webpage using apache

April 8, 2008 Comments off

Mới vừa build MTRG xong, ale..hup!

Sẵn có document chỉ setup password authenticate -> làm luôn.

Cách làm như sau:

1. touch /var/members/.htaccess

2. vi /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf

<Directory “/var/www/html/mrtg”>
Options FollowSymLinks
AllowOverride AuthConfig

3. vi /var/www/html/mrtg/.htaccess

AuthName “MRTG Graphs/Html restricted access”
AuthType Basic
AuthUserFile /var/members/.htpasswd
Require user admin

4. htpasswd -c /var/members/.htaccess admin

5. restart apache.

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