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How to set up a Symantec anti-virus server

April 3, 2008


The following guide will assist in the installation of a Symantec AntiVirus Server:

To Install a Symantec AntiVirus Server

  1. From Symantec AntiVirus media, open the SSC folder and run the Setup program.
  2. Under Select Components, select the components that you wish to to install.
  3. Uncheck Symantec Client Firewall Snap-In and Symantec End Point Compliance Snap-In. Click Next.
  4. Open Symantec System Center Console, located in Start > All Programs > Symantec System Center Console.
  5. In the Console Root Directory, expand Symantec System Center and click System Hierarchy.
  6. Click Tools > AntiVirus Server Rollout.
  7. Select Install Symantec AntiVirus Server.
  8. Under Select Items, select Server Program.
  9. Under Select Computers, select the server in the Network column that you are setting up and then click the Add button.
  10. Under Server Summary, click Next.
  11. Under Select Symantec AntiVirus Server Group, type the name of the server.

NOTE: If you are rebuilding an existing server, use the same name.

  1. Enter a username and password for the Symantec AntiVirus Server Group.
  2. At Server Startup Options, select Automatic Setup Progress.
  3. When the installation completes, close Symantec System Center and restart your computer.


Configure Symantec AntiVirus and set up your preferred settings.

To Configur a Symantec AntiVirus Server

  1. Expand System Hierarchy and right-click on the server group.
  2. Select Unlock Server Group. Enter username and password.
  3. Click on the Server listed under Groups.

NOTE: the yellow caution triangle on the server icon indicating that this server has out of date definition files.

  1. Right-click on the server icon and select Make Server a Primary Server.
  2. Right-click on the server icon and select All Tasks > Symantec AntiVirus > Virus Definition Manager.
  3. In the How Server Retrieves Virus Definition Updates section, click Configure.
  4. At Configure Primary Server Updates, click Schedule.
  5. Under Frequency, select Daily and choose the time that the server should check for updates.
  6. Click OK. At Configure Primary Server Updates, click the Update Now button. Depending on network conditions, updates may take several minutes.
  7. Click OK to exit, and then uncheck Do not allow clients to manually launch LiveUpdate.
  8. Click OK. Right-click on the server icon and select All Tasks > Symantec AntiVirus > Client Administrators Only Options.
  9. Place a check at Show Symantec Antivirus on desktop.
  10. Right-click on the server icon and select All Tasks > Symantec AntiVirus > Server Tuning Options.
  11. Place a check at allow this server to manage 9.x and earlier clients.
  12. Refresh Primary Server StatusThe yellow triangle on the server icon indicates that the definition files have not been updated yet. When the Primary Server Status icon has a blue triangle, the definition files are up-to-date.
  13. Restart computer and check Primary Server Status for up-to-date definition files.

Client Installation

1. Symantec System Center creates a shared folder on the server to install from in the format \\servername\SAV\CLT-INST\Win32.

NOTE: Be sure the server is accessible by not sitting behind any firewalls.

2. Run the setup program from within the folder. When installation completes, the client will appear as a manageable client in Symantec System Center Console.

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  1. Alex
    August 29, 2008 at 5:23 PM

    Sau khi cai theo cac buoc nhu the nay, Xin hoi them ban la cac client se update Virus Def tu may cai Symantec server hay la van update tu symantec.com?
    vi khi right click vao mot client bat ky, chon Virus Definition manager, minh van thay no hien thi la download tu Symantec.com ????

  2. August 29, 2008 at 5:42 PM

    Nếu bạn cài client đúng như hướng dẫn ở trên thì chắc chắn client sẽ point về Antivirus server của mình, và sẽ được tự động update qua server.

    Phần Virus Definition Manager trên server chia làm 2 phần: phía trên là dành cho server , phần ở dưới là của Client side. bạn sẽ thấy phần client sẽ có 1 option là “Update virus definition from parent server”. Make sure option đó đã được check là OK.

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